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That all women and men of the world will know the Good News that God loves them, Cursillo provides a foundation for the person to live what is fundamental to being Christian – love of God and love of neighbor, experienced through three essential encounters – with oneself, God and others – with the purpose of leavening their environments with the Gospel. 



Weekend Application  

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“Christ has no hands, no feet but yours”

School of Leaders

All SOL are at Sacred Heart Church in Salisbury

Time: 9:00 AM-12:00 PM

Jan 13th

               Feb 17th

               Mar 2nd

               Apr 20th

               May 18th

                Jul 20th             




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De Colores!

This is the website of the English speaking Cursillo movement of the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte, NC

 To contact the Vietnamese Cursillo of Charlotte Click here

 To contact the Hispanic Cursillo of Charlotte Click here